Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Raised right, gone wrong...

I've been busy. And I've also been trying to stay cool in this fucking heat. I dance at night and during the day, I sleep in my very, very dark bedroom next to the AC which runs full blast. AC is crucial in Florida. I know a few people who try and live without it (too much money for them to run), but baby, I gotta have my cool air. And yeah, I'm a homegrown country girl from Georgia, but no way am I trying to sleep in this heat and humidity.

Ok, apart from that...I've been working the summer crowds of drunk young men. Last night one of the girls I work with got so drunk that when she was getting dressed in the locker room, she dropped sixteen $100 bills on the floor!! I picked them up and gave them back to her, but some of the girls gave me shit for this. They would've kept the money. Bitch deserved it, one said to me.

Look, I may be struggling with my spiritual place in life, but I was raised right, for the most part. My folks are Christian and I felt like if I hadn't given the money back, my dad would've been disappointed. Not that my folks and I talk much anymore. They obviously have "issues" with what I do. I've gone the wrong path in life.

But hey, it keeps the AC on.

On another note, do you think I would be a better minister if I were Christian? The funeral I officiated at got me thinking about a lot of things. Maybe there is an afterlife and maybe I will see my friends again.

I kept my reading close to the heart about who my friend really was and did some readings from the Minister's Service Manual:

"What was his creed?
I do not know his creed, I only know
That here below, he walked the common road
And lifted many a load, lightened the task,
Brightened the day for others toiling on a weary way;
This, his only meed; I do not know his creed."

Ok, so I gotta ask though....what is the meaning behind meed? Isn't that supposed to be mead? As in the drink?

Anyway, we did scatter his ashes from horseback. I went inward after getting back from N. Carolina so I could process what happened. And make some money.

I ended up with plenty last night. Gotta keep it going. BTW..what think you all of my new UV light costume? Guys were loving this late last night....

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about labels figure out what YOU want your ministry to be. If you are serious go outside of the stuff that the ULC sends you. Most of it is copied from other sources anyway. great blog, write more.